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Austrian Tyre Laws

Austrian Tyre Laws

Austrian tyre laws changed in 2008 and are strictly enforced.

"All vehicles driving on snow-covered roads must have winter tires during the winter season (Nov - April) or risk a fine if pulled over. Alternatively, all-season tires (if marked for M&S: mud and snow) are also acceptable during the winter season. .... These winter provisions are strictly enforced and control points are common." Source: Austrian Tourist Board.

Warning: In some Alpine regions of Austria M+S tyres are only considered 'appropriate for the conditions' if they carry the snowflake logo on the tyre wall. Most UK supplied M+S tyres do not carry this symbol. We strongly recommend that you consider fitting winter tyres if travelling to Austria.

Snow chains are only allowed where the road is fully covered by snow and/or ice. Chains are not allowed in slush conditions. Heavy fines and/or temporary loss of your vehicle may be imposed if you ignore this legislation.

Have a look at the winter tyre videos page to see the remarkable difference that having winter tyres fitted can make. For other important information please visit our Austrian Road Laws page.

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